About law professional partnership


About law professional partnership “InRight/ Drobitko & partners”

Law professional partnership “InRight/ Drobitko & partners” offers its clients a wide range of legal services, including both representation of its clients at courts, governmental and municipal authorities, negotiations in pre-contractual relations, bankruptcy administration services (both for private and legal persons), etc. We represent both business clients as well as individual clients in private legal matters.

The founder of law professional partnership “InRight/ Drobitko & partners”, who brought our team together, advocate Dr. Oleg Drobitko,has been practicing law since 1999. With a doctorate in law and an engineering-technical education, he has attracted a significant number of clients from the transport, maritime, logistics, insurance, construction and industrial sectors. His ability to see problems not only from the legal side, but also from the practical side of the business that clients face on a daily basis, has earned him clients’ trust and attracted them. As our law professional partnership has a strong collegial approach, the knowledge gained is seamlessly shared among other InRight colleagues.

Advocate Oleg Drobitko Jr. has expanded and further developed InRight’s range of services in the field of maritime law, cooperating on a daily basis with businesses in the maritime field, acting as a correspondent representative of P&I clubs, and practically participating in the settlement of various conflicts in the field of shipping and cargo transportation.

In our team we have colleagues who are fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Polish and Spanish. We are able to properly deal with legal problems not only in Lithuania, but also legal problems with an international element.


Law professional partnership “InRight / Drobitko & Partners” has its offices in Klaipėda and Vilnius. We also offer legal advice via telecommunication, especially during pandemics. You can ask us any questions you may have:

  • By calling +370 46 314199, or mobile phone +37068564840
  • By sending us an enquiry to info@inright.eu
  • By sending us an enquiry to Whatsapp/Telegram +37068564840

MoScientific publications in Lithuanian:

Drobitko O. Jūrininkų darbo ir socialinės teisės pagal MLC 2006. // Jurisprudencija Nr. 21(2), 2014.

Drobitko O. Krovinių multimodaliniai vežimai: teisiniai aspektai. Daktaro disertacija. // Mykolo Romerio universitetas. Socialiniai mokslai (teisė – 01S), 2006. (Disertacijos santrauka lietuvių kalba)

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Scientific publications in Englis:

Drobitko O. Transport Documents in Multimodal Transportations. // Klaipeda University. Tiltai Nr. 4 (53), 2010.

Drobitko O. Multimodal Carriage of Goods: Legal Aspects. // Mykolas Romeris University. Social Sciences (Law – 01S), 2006. (Summary of Doctoral Thesis)

Scientific publications in Ukrainian:

Дробiтько О. Мiркування з приводу реформи кримiнального процесу в Украïнi. // Право Украïни № 10, 1999.

Inright pradžia


Dr. Oleg Drobitko joined the Klaipėda law firm as an assistant attorney.
2001 – 2003
Dr. Oleg Drobitko worked as an attorney-at-law at Klaipėda law firm.
O. Drobitko law firm was established.
O. Drobitko law firm changed its name into Law firm ”InRight/ Drobitko & partners”


InRight today

InRight’s team is currently growing dynamically and includes 5 attorneys-at-law, an expert economist and a translator-administrator. We provide a wide range of services to clients both in Lithuania and abroad. As our main customers are businesses in the construction, transport, shipbuilding and repair sectors, InRight works closely with the expert department on a 7/24 basis.

The expert department consists of 6 experts with experience in shipping and freight transportation. The InRight team actively defends human rights in various fields.