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Transport Law

Shipment of goods and transportation of passengers is one of the major concerns within the worldwide market that is subject to various risks and legal issues. Contractual obligations for multimodal transportation of goods are quite intricate and complex, and should always be handled and examined carefully by an expert in the field of transport. Having accumulated more than twenty years of experience during the provision of legal services towards carriers, shippers, logistics undertakings, terminals, charterers, ship-owners, cargo owners and insurers, we are able to ensure proper quality of provided services.

We provide legal advice for our clients regarding loss or damage of cargo, agreement conclusion, interpretation and performance of undertaken obligations between corporate partners, organization of work, labor law  related issues, etc.

In addition, the founder of the Law Firm Inright Advocate Dr. Oleg Drobitko has defended his dissertation on the topic of: “Multimodal Carriage of Goods: Legal Aspects”; therefore, the Advocate is able to resolve and examine any issues within the framework of transport law both by using his expertise and academic knowledge which allows him to anticipate new risks within the sector and the possible resolution of such risks. We are closely monitoring the challenges that are posed by the advancements in state of the art technology that is affecting the established business models.

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