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Construction and Land Law

Advocate Dr. Oleg Drobitko has acquired degrees both in law and engineering and has gained more than 20 years of experience; therefore, he is able to manage the cases of the clients at the Law Firm Inright both in the area of land law and economy. Having the ability to work with experts in the field of construction and construction engineers-advisers, we are able to take into account technical aspects of design projects and offer comprehensive consultations. Having regards to the above, we are able to efficiently draft material for negotiation and successful examination of proceedings in court. Furthermore, we offer agreement-drafting services for clients, contractors and subcontractors, legal advice for clients on receipt of construction permits, as well as approval of buildings for use and on land plot and planning issues, etc. Our team is also able to help clients resolve disputes regarding the procedure for use of land plot. We provide representation services towards our clients in disputes regarding the return of land.

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