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Maritime law

At Law Firm InRight/Drobitko & Partners, maritime law is a foundational pillar of our practice. We excel in resolving complex maritime disputes, negotiating settlements, and providing strategic legal counsel to shipowners, charterers, P&I clubs, insurance companies, and other key stakeholders in the shipping industry. Under the leadership of Dr. Oleg Drobitko Sr., our firm leverages extensive expertise to ensure the highest standard of maritime legal services. Our adept team is committed to representing our clients robustly in court and offering comprehensive legal services.

Our Services Include:

  • Debt Recovery and Ship Seizure: Specialized in handling cases of debt recovery, and ship seizure and release.
  • Cargo Claims: Expertise in resolving disputes related to cargo damage, quality or quantity.
  • Personal Injury Cases: Dedicated to securing compensation for injured seafarers and the families of deceased seafarers.
  • Regulatory Proceedings: Skilled in navigating the complexities of maritime disputes and regulatory frameworks.

Acknowledging that maritime issues often extend beyond national borders, we maintain a network of international specialists to deliver extensive, seamless legal services. Our partnerships include:

  • ISM, ISPS, MLC audit and certification service providers;
  • P&I correspondents;
  • Independent marine & cargo surveyors;
  • Foreign law firms.

We understand the significant challenges our clients face, such as operational disruptions and delays. Law Firm InRight is dedicated to providing swift and effective resolutions, minimizing downtime, and safeguarding our clients’ interests. We pride ourselves on our commitment to service excellence and are available 24/7/365 for urgent maritime matters.

For immediate legal support, please contact Attorney-at-Law Oleg Drobitko Jr. at +370 655 39609; drobitko.oleg@inright.eu

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